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PEEP fitted shirt OohLaLaLadies. In Cosh Boy presentation box.

Ladies Tight Fitted t-shirt.

XS - 8
S - 10
M - 12
L - 14
XL - 16

You Dirty F**ker..... PeeP

Throughout history we've had what the butler saw, arty postcards, even an uncovered table leg was deemed erotic.
The 50s had many pin ups, some famous and some not.
Many magazines soon to follow sold in Soho and under the counter.
One such magazine was called PEEP.

Oh the word PEEP!! for the age of innocence, trying to catch a PEEP at your older brothers or sisters teenage friends, or your favourite "aunty" or "uncle".

The very idea to peep through the key hole!

Having found this at my uncles house-clearing, kept hidden away from time until now, the past needed to be seen again.

We needed an iconic pin up to wear it today in 2019.

Fate played into our hands when we put this image on our t.shirt exclusively for JORDAN MOONEY to wear at her
launch party event at the 100 club for the release of her book "Defying Gravity, Jordan's story".
That night was filled with VIPs and scumbags who mixed side by side for one night only.

You can now PEEP too!